Green & Serene Yoga Holidays

Waiheke Island, New Zealand


There’s a common misconception that ‘yoga’ and ‘yoga holidays’ are for two types of people: your serious-meditation-lives-in-an-ashram-with-a-beard type yogi or your back-bending-almond-latte-drinking-expensive-yoga-pant-wearing type yogini.


We aim to debunk this myth.


It’s not that we don’t like beards – we do, we also like almond lattes (kind-of) and yoga pants – it’s that yoga should be for everyone, regardless of ability, age, class, sex, wealth, fitness or gender.  Yoga isn’t just about the shapes you make on a mat with your body, it’s about the sense of personal power, confidence and peace that it makes you feel.


And who doesn’t want to feel powerful, confident and peaceful?


This is a place built with true heart, full of whole food and yoga goodness. Come here to reset, create, escape and be inspired.

Rachel Grunwell, Inspired Health

Green & Serene Yoga Holidays prides itself on being available to everyone and anyone.


We like to think of ourselves as somewhere in between a holiday and a traditional retreat, with a focus on balance and integration – making yoga, and the personal power, confidence and peace that comes along with it, accessible to you in your everyday life.  We’re totally flexible and can customise our packages for lone travellers, couples, groups up to 10, and families of all age ranges… yes families of ALL age ranges!  You can choose whether you’d like to book out the accommodation on its own, have irresistable breakfasts and invigorating yoga included, or go for the full relaxed hosted experience leaving you with all the time in the world to explore one of the best islands in the world.

Incredible food! Loved the yoga. Loved the peacefulness, birds, tropical feel. The turmeric coffee. Amaze!

Carolyn Enting, Good Magazine NZ

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Serenity. Friendliness. Informality... The food was a revelation.

Donna Trott

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